What a bloody doozy this one’s been (as evidenced by the tardiness of this post!) It kicked off with raging bushfires around the country that totally messed with my lungs and my asthma (boo hiss) and then ran straight into a pandemic that has kept all of us socially isolated, anxiety-ridden and stir crazy…

Nevertheless, I’m extremely grateful for the many writing and development opportunities that have come my way the past year as unlike many in my industry, I’ve had fairly stable work. I have no idea which writing or freelance gods I have pleased, but thank you.

Here’s a wrap-up of what I wrote this year –

  • 11 episodes for serial drama Neighbours (on Ten Peach/Channel 5);
  • 1 more development script for preschool series Lucy’s Cannon;
  • 1 more script for The Wonder Gang, a new ABC factual preschool series which will air in 2021 (this is the project I wrote three development scripts for last year);
  • 2 episodes of a comedy web series called Reunion with my co-writer and co-creator Damien Cassar, a project that we’re currently developing;
  • 1 treatment for my horror film Rattrap: Highrise (my first proper crack at a feature! I’ve completely restructured the key characters since the treatment so will need to go back and revise it thoroughly, then hoping I can get it drafted this year…);
  • 1 development pilot for a fun new audio-focussed preschool television series that I can’t talk about; and,
  • A Bunch of Blog Posts! I am a hopeless blogger, but I keep trying in the hopes I will get into some sort of habit. This year, starting in March, I found something that’s actually my jam. I committed to one monthly post, called ‘Different Things’, in which (funnily enough) I write about a bunch of different things I’d watched, read and thought about that past month. And wonder of all wonders, I’ve managed to stick to it. In fact, I quite look forward to having to bash it out as the month draws to an end. It’s no exhaustive list, but it’s becoming a nice way to document the cool stuff I’ve come across and also have a whinge and a moan about whatever great existential crisis I’ve faced. It’s the closest thing to journalling I’ve ever done, other than that one time I tried out morning pages as part of The Artist’s Way in my 20s.

Along with all this ‘official’ writing, this year was the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of Script Producing too – a comedy web series called Transferred currently in funded development. It’s been a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable experience helping to guide and mentor the creator through the process of plotting and writing a series. Fingers crossed it’s able to go into production sometime this year…

Happy writing everyone!

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