It’s felt like a very long year! While it started off a little slow, it ran up into a big and tiring finish. There’s been lots of great stuff going on professionally, loads of development work and a couple of wins too, with some Story Development funding from Screen Australia (the application for which is in itself a mammoth undertaking). So thought I’d do another yearly wrap-up of the ‘official’ screenwriting assignments I’ve had the pleasure of completing in the last year –

  • 11 episodes for serial drama Neighbours (on Ten Peach/Channel 5)
  • 1 development pilot for preschool series Beep and Mort (adapted from the stage play; still in formal development)
  • 3 development scripts for a new ABC preschool series (which I can’t talk about just yet but it is coming soon!)
  • 1 virtual reality short film script Adrift (my first VR project!)
  • 10 revised episode outlines and the first 2 episodes for survival drama micro-series Kara, Infected (co-created with producer extraordinaire Taylor Litton-Strain)

That doesn’t look anywhere near as painful as it felt! In fact, it looks properly disappointing! Probably because this doesn’t reflect the many countless days and weeks spent in workshops, writing rooms and development and assessment sessions for these and other upcoming projects that haven’t yet got to scripting stage. And as we all know, so much about writing comes well before the actual writing, at least in TV land…

Still though, I am as always kind of amazed that I get to write for a living. It remains the best job ever. Wishing you a happy and creatively fulfilling 2020!

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