View from the Top (of the Book Pile) #4


I have been on a book-buying spree of late. More so than usual. And it’s of note because my bank balance is abysmal. But see how I laugh in the face of bankruptcy!? Ha!

Anyways. There’s two Neil Gaiman’s in this pile, and also one book happens to be a gift. Colour Me Girl Crush is technically a colouring book rather than a book book, but it’s on the pile, so hey. It was a christmas pressie from my dear friend Lisa who clearly knows me well. The first celeb I decided to deface with my crappy colouring in skills was of course Tina Fey. Rock on.

Trigger Warning I’ve just started on my kindle. I have fallen a bit out of love with my kindle, and have been compensating for my guilt by buying a lot more books on it. While they aren’t pictured, recent purchases also include Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and When The Shooting Stops by Ralph Rosenblum and Robert Karen, a book about film editing. All these books I want to read, but every time I go to put my kindle in my handbag or backpack, thinking I’ll have plenty of time to read on my public transport journeys to wherever, I kinda shrug and think, nah. I’m enjoying just sitting and switching off and letting the world race by me right now mostly. But I have started Trigger Warning – I read the introduction yesterday and will hopefully read a bit more on the bus today. Surely if anyone can rekindle my love for my kindle, it’ll be Neilly baby.

Ok. So, The Sewing Bible by Judith Turner I bought yesterday on a whim, and then The Orchard Book of Greek Myths (21st anniversary edition!) by Geraldine McCaughrean and Emma Chicheter Clark I bought because Brays Books in Balmain were having a ‘buy two get 10% off’ sale. The Sewing Bible looks decidedly useful and I feel it will become a good reference. I’m a bit crafty, and could probably do with a guide like this considering the number of clothes I have but don’t wear and the size of my bank balance. Have sewing machine, must sew. The Greek Myths book looks nice and light and a good thing to have around when small children come visiting – which happens occasionally being a person with many friends who have spawned. I’m hoping we can both benefit from this purchase.

The Sleeper and The Spindle I brought home two weeks ago after a bit of a depressing conversation – the kind that seems to be going so well only to blind-side you and make you feel all sorts of ick when you were least expecting it. The cover and the promise of it helped to make me feel momentarily better then and I look forward to reading it to myself in bed tonight. That’s what fairy tales are for, right? Plus Chris Riddell – f’ing genius.

Oh, and those bananas? Super fresh from my mother who happened to show up at my front door just as I was about to take this picture. Thanks Ma.

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