Recommended Links

Resources for Screenwriters

Looking for a professional script assessment service? Visit Holly Lyons at Screenwriting Scriptease. Holly draws from a wealth of professional experience, both as a lecturer at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and as a working television screenwriter both here and overseas. She will tell you straight!

I highly recommend all Australian screenwriters join the Australian Writer’s Guild – not only do they work within the industry to protect all performance writers’ rights, they hold regular events that give us the chance to crawl out of the dark and mingle! It is also home to AWGACS, the Guild’s Collecting Society for screenwriters.

Keen to brush up on your British telly? Visit the BBC Writer’s Room site, where there’s a range of cool articles and interviews on all things BBC. It’s also home to the invaluable BBC Script Library where you can download scripts from hundreds of television series commissioned through the BBC. Amazeballs.

Wordplay is the online home of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, a Hollywood screenwriting duo who have a ridiculously impressive list of credits (and not credits). The main focus of this site is the Columns – an amazing collection of essays (mostly by Rossio) about the Hollywood screenwriting experience direct from the trenches. Also, a collection of essays and opinions from other Hollywood types. While it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, if you are serious about writing movies and understanding the realities of the commercial process in the US, this is a pretty awesome place to start.


People I know – Stu and Chas are trying to figure out what makes screenplays work, and this site is home to their podcast where they analyse all sorts of successful screenplays from an emerging screenwriter’s perspective. Stu is a self-described scruffy-looking nerd-herder – it’s true. I don’t know Chas, but he seems to like werewolf-pirates, so he can’t be that bad. – this is my wonderful friend and occasional collaborator Margaret’s blog, where she records pretty much every film she sees and every book she reads. And she has built up quite a record. Her reviews are concise and, if you’re considering what to watch/read, this site is an easy reference if you just want someone to tell you quickly whether or not you should bother.

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