Link Love

Hello. I’ll be adding to this list over time, so it’s still very short. Feel free to check in every now and again in case something new is added.


Resources – Screenwriting – Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are a Hollywood screenwriting duo who have a ridiculously impressive list of credits (and not credits). The main focus of this site is the columns – an amazing collection of essays (mostly by Rossio) about the Hollywood screenwriting experience direct from the trenches. Also, a collection of essays and opinions from other Hollywood types. If you are serious about writing movies and understanding the realities of the commercial process, this is a pretty awesome place to start.


People I know – this is my wonderful friend Margaret’s blog on which she records pretty much every film she sees and every book she reads. And she has built up quite a record. Her reviews are concise and, if you’re considering what to watch/read, this site is an easy reference if you just want someone to tell you quickly whether or not you should bother. – Stu and Chas are trying to figure out what makes screenplays work, and this site is home to their podcast where they analyse all sorts of successful screenplays from an emerging screenwriter’s perspective. Stu is a self-described scruffy-looking nerd-herder – it’s true. I don’t know Chas, but he seems to like werewolf-pirates, so he can’t be that bad.

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