Below is a list of Wendy’s personal projects she’s currently developing, from laugh-out-loud hi-jinx to skin-crawling horror. Enjoy!

REUNION | COMEDY | SHORT FORM | Co-created with Damien Cassar | In this snack-sized comedy series, the former students of Middle Grove High School are having their twenty-year reunion – the perfect place to celebrate past glories, cry over failed potential and slowly but surely unravel…

PUP PUP PUGGLE! | ANIMATED CHILDREN’S SERIES | Co-created with Alexa Moses | It’s all in a day’s adventure for best friends Flip, Scout and Digger, twin platypups and a kid echidna! Inspired by the iconic Australian wildlife that makes its home in our urban environments, Pup, Pup, Puggle! is an animated series that celebrates friendship and community through comic adventure, playful problem-solving and joyous discovery.

SINK OR STRIP | COMEDY | FEATURE FILM | In this comedy romp, an introverted accountant unwittingly inherits a stripper cruise boat business. With irate hens’ parties, rogue male strippers and a mutinous crew on her hands, can our heroine find a way to save the flailing enterprise, and the family home, before everything she has sinks without a trace?

RAT TRAP | HORROR | FEATURE FILM | When a city-wide blackout traps a heavily pregnant hostess and her guests in the penthouse, a lavish housewarming becomes a bloody game of survival when a flood of insatiable rats swarms up from their nesting grounds in the basement.