Here’s a few select projects I’ve had the very good fortune to be part of…

This Is My Sign Ongoing Social Art Project [Creator & Photographer, 2015-]

This Is My Sign is a photography-based work where people are asked: ‘If you had the chance to send the world a message, to give the world a sign, what would your sign say?’ Each participant is then photographed with their message on a purpose-built, hand-held sign. Each person assembles their message on the sign themselves, and yes, that’s the exact same sign in every photo. You never know, one person’s message may well be the sign someone else is looking for… You can visit the site here.

Bubble Bath Bay 52 x 11’ animated preschool series [Script & Story Editor, 2013-2014]

After being part of the creative development of this project, it was great to have the opportunity to see the whole process through by jumping on board as Script & Story Editor in production, under the wonderful guidance of Gina Roncoli (Script Producer) and Steve Trenbirth (Series Director). Airing on ABC Kids through 2015. Produced by Essential Media and Entertainment. Distributed by Bejuba! Entertainment.

MY:24 13 x 24’ factual entertainment format for 10-14 year-olds [Co-Concept and Format Development, 2013]

26 young Australians tell their stories, in the own words, about the day that changed their life forever. It was an absolute privilege to have helped steer this fantastic series through development, and I’m so proud of the team who made it a reality. Kudos to ABC3 and the ACTF for seeing its potential and making it possible. The series first screened mid 2014 on ABC3. Produced by Essential Media and Entertainment. Distributed by ACTF. For more information, visit the ACTF’s online catalogue here.

Dating The H*Bomb 30′ documentary [Writer, 2012]

Developed with my dear friend Jay Court (Director), this documentary was broadcast on ABC2 and screened at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival. It received some really great reviews, including:

“If you’re not rolling on the floor with laughter within the first five minutes, there is something wrong with your funny bone.” Jacqui Bahr, The West Australian

“Court, Hanna and producer Andrew Arbuthnot have done well here, particularly with their use of puppets, a deceptively clever device that not only frees up the participants but also universalizes their experiences.” Tim Elliot, The Guide, Sydney Morning Herald

Dating the H*Bomb is a LaLa Pictures production and was made through the assistance of the Metro Screen Jumpstart Program. Developed and produced in association with the ABC and financed with the assistance of Screen Australia. For screening and rights inquiries, please contact Andrew Arbuthnot at Lala Pictures.

If you so wish, feel free to take a look at this ‘making of’ video that features yours truly, along with the director and producer, all of us trying very hard to look professional.

The Sleeper Project Anthology [Editor]

With 25 individual contributors, ‘The Sleeper Project’ is a small and sweet self-published collection of poems, short stories, pictures and photographs inspired by sleep. The book is available for purchase as a hard copy here or you can download the ebook (for free!) right here.

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