About Me

How I always look. Courtesy of Bexterity.
How I always look. Photograph courtesy of Bexterity.

I’ve always liked stories. Books, films, games, TV, art, good stuff, bad stuff and lots in between.  You name it, I like it. Right here is where I share what I think about  some of those stories, and a few other cool bits and pieces about people who make stories and how to make them yourself too. 

I’m working on a few stories of my own, all while fending off my other time-consuming loves – craft, design and watching movies the old-fashioned way (with a choctop at the cinema).

So, like stories? We should talk.

You can find me on twitter: @wendynhanna

Or you can email me at wendynhanna AT gmail DOT com

Interested in my current project? It’s called THIS IS MY SIGN and you can take a squiz here.

This Is My Sign is a social art project where people are photographed holding their message to the world. Each person assembles their message on the sign themselves, and yes, that’s the exact same sign in every photo. Feel free to share posts with your network. One person’s message may well be the sign someone else is looking for.

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